Richard Simmonds


Richard combines a research-based, scientific focus with experience of elite-level cycling and many years of successful coaching practice.

If you’re looking to improve how you train, feel and ride, Richard will get you there.

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It’s about watts, Vo2 max, critical power and training zones. It’s aerodynamics and rolling resistance. It’s the mental tools – self talk, dealing with pressure, and pushing through barriers. It’s nutrition, hydration and environmental factors. Physiology, biomechanics, psychology - all key determinants of performance, and all used to make you faster. This is the science of coaching.

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The science of coaching says what’s possible – your capabilities and limits. But how does it actually feel when you’re riding? How do you know, without even looking, that you’re approaching those so-called limits? Most exciting, how do you ‘bend’ them to squeeze out the last drop of performance? Knowing when to hold back, when to go all in, and when to even go beyond – that’s the art of coaching.

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When the previous things dovetail perfectly, peak performance follows. The numbers show that you’re flying, and the perception of effort says it’s manageable. On those rare days it even feels easy. You’re in control and can cope with just about anything thrown at you. This is what you train for.

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