Richard has various coaching plans to suit all types and all levels of rider. Whether you want to peak for a specific event, or race through an entire season, there’s a plan that covers it.

Plan 1 - £125/month

  • Initial consultation – to discuss goals, current training, lifestyle etc.
  • Monthly training plans – written specifically for you using Training Peaks software.
  • Monthly reviews – A formal review via phone/Skype/Facetime to discuss progress, give feedback and form the basis for the following plan. Typically up to one hour, but can be more or less depending on time of year, proximity to a target event etc.
  • Flexibility – Your life isn’t set in stone, so neither is the plan. Tweaks can be made when things change.
  • Specific event preparation and advice – This can include event strategy, psychological approaches, advice on environmental factors (eg heat, altitude), nutrition, or anything else relevant to performance.

Plan 2 - £170/month

All the features of Plan 1 – but with increased contact time:

  • 2-weekly training plans– giving even greater flexibility and feedback
  • 2-weekly reviews– giving more regular feedback and advice.
  • Near-unlimited flexibility – Plans can be tweaked as much as needed.

'Light touch' coaching - £300 one-off payment

If you’re not sure whether you want/need to commit to ‘full on’ coaching, or if you just have an event coming up and want some extra focus, the soft touch plan may be the perfect solution. It includes the following:

  • Initial consultation – as per the above plans, a detailed consultation to determine the 3 month target.
  • A full plan, written on Training Peaks – All sessions for the full 3 months will be written and published online, so you’ll be able to see the whole plan. This won’t be a standard, pre-written plan. It will be put together based on the consultation and will be specific to you.
  • A halfway review – Similar to the monthly/2-weekly plans, the review will involve feedback based on analysis of your training data up to that point. You will also be able to discuss anything related to the training/your specific event.
  • Minor adjustments to the plan – following the review, changes may be made to the second part of the plan. For example training zones could be altered to reflect improvements, and some of the sessions may be adjusted slightly. 


Training Peaks store

If you’re looking for the structure of a set training plan, but without the coach interaction, why not look at the Training Peaks store and find a plan that works for you. There are various plans to help with short and long term goals, covering a range of training targets.

Training Peaks Store


Bolt-on sessions

Bolt on sessions allow the flexibility to have as little or as much contact as you like. They work well alongside plans from the Training Peaks Store, or as an extra with the light touch plan.

You could also arrange one of these sessions as a standalone consultation to discuss any elements of performance that you wish to go through.

Sessions are carried out face-to-face online at a cost of £60 per session (approx. 1 hour).


To contact Richard, please use the form on this page, or email at the link below.